What’s for Lunch?

How Schoolchildren Eat Around the World

By Andrea Curtis

★ Stepping Stones Honor Award
★ VOYA Nonfiction Honor List

cover-whatsforlunch-w340What’s for Lunch? travels the globe peering into lunch trays, mugs, bowls and school bags in 13 countries — including a refugee camp in Kenya, a community school in Birmingham, England, a remote Andean village in Peru, and an eco-school in downtown Toronto, Canada. Aimed at kids age 9-12, it features full-colour photographs by Yvonne Duivenvoorden and lots of ideas about how kids can take charge of the food system.

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Eat this!

How fast food marketing gets you to buy junk (and how to fight back)

By Andrea Curtis

★ Coming soon!

Fast food companies spend billions every year trying to get the attention of young people. You’re bombarded with marketing messages selling salt, sugar & fatty foods on TV, the internet, the street, even in school. Eat this! is an antidote to all that—a media and food literacy guide to decoding the big sell.

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