Reviews of A Forest in the City

“Trees and cities often seem at odds, but in this comprehensive informational picture book, Curtis explains why and how cities should include ‘urban forests’…. Pratt’s loose, predominantly green artwork features busy, happy scenes of city dwellers in action,  including a dog peeing on a tree, and complements Curtis’ points, especially on the benefits of urban forests, such as fighting climate change, serving as homes to wildlife, and improving people’s mental health. A final spread with activism activities and a list of related resources concludes this book for budding environmentalists.”—Booklist

“The trees that make cities cleaner and more beautiful are often placed under unbearable stress. This nonfiction picture book explains the bounties of the urban forest and the many problems that threaten a tree’s survival…. The vital importance of the urban forest in relation to the welfare of city dwellers is presented with interesting information and lush illustrations. Useful for reports, projects, and classroom activities.”—School Library Journal

Illustration by Pierre Pratt

“Fodder for future arborists.”—Kirkus

“A fascinating look at how vital urban forests are, looking at both the problems trees in the city face as well how indispensable they are in our fight against climate change and pollution. Pratt’s boisterous illustrations provide readers with just the right amount of green space to consider these serious issues we all face.”—Jeffrey Canton, The Globe and Mail

Illustration by Pierre Pratt

A Forest in the City…tells everything you need to know about city trees: how and where to plant them, how to protect them, how they help us breathe and live. Did you know that an urban forest can lower crime rates? Or improve traffic safety? There’s even a section on how readers can help keep the trees in the city healthy. Beautiful (mainly green) gouache illustrations by Montreal artist Pierre Pratt help make this book for 8- to 11-year-olds an attractive choice.” — Helen Norrie, Winnipeg Free Press

“In a conversational style, Curtis leads an engaging, nature-in-the-city tour that takes a leisurely-paced stroll through many topics….  Montreal artist Pierre Pratt’s gouache illustrations are vibrant and verdant…. Hug a tree, and hug a copy of A Forest in the City. Highly Recommended.”—Linda Ludke, Canadian Review of Materials

“A Forest in the City is an impressively illustrated and engaging book that teaches us about the importance of the urban forest. Every page is filled with information we can use to teach our students about the importance of nature in the city, today and in the future…. A Forest in the City is a fantastic book for elementary school students, offering clear connections to the Ontario Curriculum…. Although [this book] is an urgent message about climate change, the story also inspires hope for our young people who are acting as environmental advocates for our future.”—Jane Ranson, EFTO Voice

“An important book for the next generation.  The first book in the ThinkCities series from Groundwood Books asks readers in grades 3-7 to think deeply about the role of individual trees in the urban forest and the challenges they face…. We highly recommend…Two green thumbs up.”—Fraser Smith and Isla Phoebe Gleeson Smith, Our Forest