By Andrea Curtis, illustrated by Kass Reich. Published by Owlkids.

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★ Kirkus starred review!

illustration copyright Kass Reich
Illustration by Kass Reich

Barnaby is the story of a beautiful blue budgie who’s got it all: a golden cage, bells that jingle-jangle, and an owner who gives him all the snacks and love he could want. Until one day she brings home a friend for him: a little yellow canary. But Barnaby is not happy. When his tantrums don’t convince his owner to get rid of the new bird, Barnaby flies away and ends up hopelessly lost! A story about sibling rivalry and embracing difference, Barnaby is stunningly illustrated by Kass Reich (MegaBat, Sergeant Billy).

A picture book for Grades K-5

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“Curtis mentions no emotions, instead using poetic figures of speech: Doubt and isolation are “silence heavy on [Barnaby’s] wings”; when Barnaby finally accepts the new family member, the yellow bird’s feathers look “soft as summer wind.” Reich’s gouache paintings with colored pencil are honey-toned and golden except the scene of Barnaby’s furious departure, which is awash with uneasy green…. Full of feeling.”—Kirkus

“It’s a classic case of birdling rivalry, and it’s a joy to watch Barnaby find his way back home with the help of his new sparrow squad.”—Type books newsletter

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illustration copyright Kass Reich

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About illustrator Kass Reich

Kass is an artist and educator. She graduated with a degree in art education from Concordia University, then worked in Beijing as an early childhood educator for nearly three years. Working with little ones inspired her to start making picture books for young learners. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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Barnaby is aimed at kids in grades K-5. For curriculum connections, bonus material and more, follow the link.

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illustration copyright Kass ReichThe inspiration behind Barnaby, plus a bird-themed window at TYPE books on Queen Street in Toronto!

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