Eat this!

How fast food marketing gets you to buy junk (and how to fight back)

By Andrea Curtis

Fast food companies spend billions every year trying to get the attention of young people. You’re bombarded with marketing messages selling salt, sugar & fatty foods on TV, the internet, the street, even in school. Eat this! is an antidote to all that—a media and food literacy guide to decoding the big sell.

Free downloadable teachers’ guide

This new curriculum-based teachers’ guide is intended to support educators who want to combine media literacy and food literacy in their classroom. Lots of ideas, discussion questions and more! See this flyer for more about my books.



“Copious kid-friendly information on a vitally important topic, stylishly presented, makes this book essential. Knowledge is power.”—starred Kirkus Review

“With appealing design and timely, research-based information, this will be a welcome addition to most library collections.”— starred School Library Journal and BEST BOOKS OF 2018

“Curtis’s tone is never preachy or patronizing and she clearly believes that young people have the ability to push back against the marketing machine and become savvy consumers…. An important addition to bookshelves everywhere!” Highly recommended “Red Leaf Literature”—Canadian Children’s Book News

“Kids need to know the truth about junk food, and understand the millions of ways it’s pushed on them – everyday. Andrea’s fun and accessible book gives them the tools to fight back!”—Jamie Oliver, MBE, world-renowned chef and food campaigner

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Answers to your questions about Eat this! and fast food and beverage marketing to kids.
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For more information about fast food and beverage marketing, check out this webinar I did with the Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition. I’ve also made a short video about my work on kids and food. And please feel free to share this infographic primer on fast food marketing to kids!


Eat this! How fast food marketing gets you to buy junk (and how to fight back) is just out from Red Deer Press. Watch here for news, reviews and more!
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