Reviews of Eat This!


“Kids need to know the truth about junk food, and understand the millions of ways it’s pushed on them – everyday. Andrea’s fun and accessible book gives them the tools to fight back!”
—Jamie Oliver, MBE, world-renowned chef and food campaigner

“The title says it all. This is the first and only children’s book to tell the awful truth about the way our kids are assaulted by rapacious marketers. But, most importantly, Andrea manages to tell the story to the kids themselves. Next she needs to figure out how to explain it to two-year-olds.”
—Mark Bittman, best-selling author of How to Cook Everything

Eat this! is a well-conceived, well-researched and empowering resource that helps students, parents and educators decode the marketing speak and arm themselves against the powerful techniques used by junk food and beverage marketers. This important book raises essential questions about why and how these foods and drinks are destroying our kid’s future health and well being. Eat this! is an essential tool to help build real food communities and better inform kid consumers to become empowered citizens.”
—Lulu Cohen-Farnell, Founder, Real Food for Real Kids

“Andrea has created a book that will resonate with both kids and parents at a time when kids (and parents) need to be more media savvy then ever.  Eat This! is filled with fun facts, clear explanations and concrete ideas about how kids can fight the fast-food system. This book will have your kids questioning what they see and eat in a way that is actually good for them—and the planet.”
—Emma Waverman, parenting and food writer, columnist, CBC Radio and The Globe & Mail

“Plenty of empowerment value and appeal for young readers and others. It could be easily incorporated into any math, sociology, or marketing class.”— Children’s Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

“Restricting food and beverage marketing to children is an important public health issue. Andrea has presented it in a compelling way and we hope her book will motivate Canadians to support making the healthy choices the easy choices.”
—Mary Lewis, former Vice President of Research, Advocacy and Health Promotion, Heart & Stroke

“Copious kid-friendly information on a vitally important topic, stylishly presented, makes this book essential. Knowledge is power.”—starred Kirkus Review

“With appealing design and timely, research-based information, this will be a welcome addition to most library collections.”— starred School Library Journal and BEST BOOKS OF 2018

“Curtis’s tone is never preachy or patronizing and she clearly believes that young people have the ability to push back against the marketing machine and become savvy consumers…. An important addition to bookshelves everywhere!” Highly recommended “Red Leaf Literature”—Canadian Children’s Book News