Lots of videos, readings and craft tutorials related to my books!

City Streets are for People

Talking about collaboration and inspiration with illustrator Emma FitzGerald and crystal fletcher from All About Canadian Books.

Another segment about sustainability with me and City Streets are for People illustrator Emma FitzGerald.

City of Water

Try out City of Water illustrator Katy Dockrill’s fun and beautiful craft tutorial promoting water conservation!

Watch the gorgeous cover of City of Water, illustrated by Katy Dockrill, come to life!

A Forest in the City

A craft tutorial for making paper crafts to write a note to your favourite tree.

Make some funky tree googles out of toilet paper rolls so you can see the forest for the trees!

Start at 1:58 to hear me talk all about why I love trees and the urban forest at the Telling Tales festival.

Watch the launch of A Forest in the City @49thshelf and hear a short reading.


Make a friend for Barnaby with this easy, colourful craft made with recycled materials and simple supplies.

Big Water

Check out this handmade trailer for the quick version of Big Water!

Reading the first chapter of Big Water for the Parry Sound Public Library.

Food books

A webinar with the Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition talking about Eat this!

An interview about What’s for Lunch? with Malcolm Jolley, Good Food Revolution.

Typical school lunch in Japan. What's for Lunch? Photo by Yvonne Duivenvoorden.
A slide show from What’s for Lunch? in The Toronto Star. Photos by Yvonne Duivenvoorden.