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What’s for Lunch? is a tool for educators, a bouncing-off point for discussions that range from poverty and hunger to the environmental impact of food production and distribution.

How to get started

illustration copyright Sophie Casson
Illustration by Sophie Casson
  1. Read What’s for Lunch? How Schoolchildren Eat Around the World with your class to introduce the idea of the food system to children.
  2. Download the FREE teaching guide available to connect with your curriculum in many subjects (see list below).
    Download the guide now →
  3. Bring in some of the books I’ve highlighted here —or choose your own (and send me your recommendations!)—to get your class talking about food and growing things.
  4. Brainstorm with your class about how they can get involved and take charge of the food system. Consider some of the ideas on page 39 of What’s for Lunch?

Curriculum Connections

illustration copyright Sophie Casson
Illustration by Sophie Casson

Social Studies: international connections; international trade; developed/developing world; food as a global commodity; the nutrition transition; urban growth; urban agriculture; food systems change and adaptation.

Science & Technology: food chains; habitats; food systems; agriculture; health & the environment; diet-related illness; biodiversity; composting; recycling; food waste; food production (impact on society and the environment); organic agriculture; food miles; school gardens.

Health/Physical Education: nutrients/micronutrients; preservatives/additives; labelling; societal factors that influence eating habits; diet-related illness.

Media Literacy: influence of fast food marketing; interpreting media texts.

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